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Summer 2014


Enjoy a safe summer!


Attention students and their parents:  If you are looking for a Royal Conservatory of Music registered Theory Teacher for next year … Mr. Johnson, who also volunteers weekly at GSS (a certified / retired Sec. Music Teacher), is offering weekly group Theory classes (Intermediate & Advanced levels) to prepare for Examinations in May 2015. Interested students or parents should contact him directly at: johnsonbruceg@gmail.com or 604-380-2161 asap to reserve your spot, as classes will begin in the first week of September.



Electrical Program 2015 – if you are in grade ten now and thinking of applying for the Electrical Program for Sept 2015 the admission requirements have changed.

You must now have any Math 11 and either Physics or Chemistry 11 with 50% or better.



Need volunteer Hours for September? The following business is looking for students to volunteer:

The Village Space, 100-22718 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge BC V2X 3D4 Phone:  604-380-1655

email:  business@TheVillageSpace.ca



Royal Soccer Club is looking for volunteers for their Summer Soccer Camps to the Maple Ridge area. If you require more info please visit counselling office to get the applications and posters.