Attendance Policy

All students who attend GSS are expected to maintain regular attendance. For safety reasons, it is important that the school knows when a student will be away. The school must be notified by phone or email of any absence before 3 p.m. on the day of the absence. Students who are absent without a parent/guardian contacting the school will be given a consequence by an administrator upon returning to school. Further, parent/guardian contact must be made before a student may leave school during the day. This may be done by either a note or a parent phone call to the school. No student will be permitted to leave without contact from a parent/guardian as the school remains responsible for the student unless we have contacted a parent.

Vacations During School Time

At GSS, we are not in a position to grant or deny permission for any student to miss school for an extended holiday. However, we do not endorse students missing school time for vacation. These should be arranged during regular school vacation times. Teachers cannot duplicate valuable class time for students who are on extended vacations. It is not unusual for students to see a significant decline in marks following an extended absence. Please note, it is not required that teachers provide work for students before they leave on vacation. Arrangements must be made directly with the student’s individual teacher to make up any missed work.