Grade 8 Program

Middle Years Programme (MYP) School beginning September 2017
Garibaldi Secondary is pleased to announce that it will have an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) for ALL students entering grade 8 in September 2017. The IB Middle Years Programme is an INCLUSIVE, WHOLE SCHOOL programme that is offered to more than 1 million students in over 3,700 schools in 147 countries. The IB Middle Years Programme is part of the International Baccalaureate continuum which includes both the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and the IB Career-related Programme (CP), both currently offered at Garibaldi Secondary.

The IB Middle Years Programme focusses on developing critical, creative and reflective thinkers within a global perspective. It encourages students to make connections between their studies and the real world.  The new provincial curriculum for grades 8 and 9 which are being fully implemented this year aligns with the IB Middle Years Programme. The new curriculum places emphasis on student inquiry, big ideas, competencies and global awareness, all part of the IB Middle Years Programme.

In each year of the program, students will be encouraged to make connections between their subject areas through cross curricular projects.  In grade 10, their learning and growth will culminate into a Personal Project where students will explore and present a topic of great personal relevance to them.

IB MYP centres around learners and encourages students to focus on their studies and on their own personal growth within an inquiry model.  IB MYP aspires to produce students who can think for themselves, work cooperatively with others, undertake new challenges with confidence and enthusiasm, care for their own local community as well as the global community.  Additionally, research studies have concluded the following:  (1)MYP students perform as well as, or better than, their peers at non-IB schools on international assessments such as math, reading, narrative and expository writing; and (2)MYP students are more likely to engage in student service learning projects in school and to participate in volunteer activities outside of school.

MYP / Research-demonstrated impact

Research studies provide evidence that MYP students tend to distinguish themselves from their non-MYP peers:

  • MYP students perform as well as , or better than, their peers at non-IB World Schools on international assessments (including math, reading, narrative and expository writing).
  • MYP students are more likely to engage in student service learning projects in school and to participate in volunteer activities outside of school
  • MYP is also a strong predictor of performance in the IB Diploma Programme (DP).


Grade 8 Pods
Students in grade 8 are podded together in groups of 25-30 for their four academic courses. While in the past students have had two teachers for their 4 academic courses, next year our pods will be more flexible as students may be moved into different groups during the year depending on the concepts being explored. Our grade 8 program will be inquiry-based and can adapt to individual student strengths and needs. Our program will be supported by a Bring Your Own Device model that encourages students to bring their own laptop or tablet to school. Our grade 8 focus is on learning, inquiry, and IB inspired skill development; it will be excellent preparation for students as they move into grade 9.

Pre-IB Honours 8 Program
The Garibaldi Honours 8 program is provided for Social Studies 8, Science 8, English 8 and Math 8..
The goal of the Honours 8 program is to prepare academically-focussed students to become well-rounded learners who are prepared to enter the Garibaldi International Baccalaureate (IB) program in grade 11.
Enrolment in the Honours 8 program is limited. Assessments for entry into the honours program will take place in-class take place on the Grade 7 Day visit to Garibaldi May 31st, 2017.

To learn more about this program, contact Garibaldi Principal Darren Rowell (

Math 8/9 Accelerated
Does your child already have the goal of attending college or university? Is your child looking to be challenged in Mathematics? Students interested in completing Math 8/9 in one year will have the opportunity to accelerate their studies. This is ideal for students hoping to enrol in the IB Programme in grade 11. These students would then be eligible for Math 10 Honours in grade 9, and could then take Chemistry 11 in grade 10.


French 8 Independent
Students who have a strong background in French will work with their French teacher to design a French course that meets the needs of the individual student. This self-paced independent studies French program meets the needs of studen ts who have been in French Immersion and choose to come to GSS because of the Honours/IB P rogram. This is an alternative that personalizes instruction to students who can demonstrate mastery of French 8/9 concepts. Again, it is an excellent option for students who are already looking towards a post-secondary education.

Grade 8 Band
Students in grade 8 are offered both Beginner and Advanced Band. Many studies have shown that participation in fine ar ts programs such as band has a positiv e impact on student achievement. As well, our band students have the opportunity participate in travel opportunities, such as this year’s band exchange trip to Ontario.

Interdisciplinary Arts Rotations
Students are given the chance to experience a variety of different electives in our Interdisciplinary Arts Rotations. Students will experience: Drama, Guitar, Art, Digital Arts, Foods, Technology, Textiles, and Computers. Students interested in Band or Choir will opt out of one of the rotation blocks.

Student Support Services
Our excellent Student Support Services Program works closely with Grade 8 teachers to ensure that all students receive the support they need to succeed. Our Student Learning Centre provides homework assistance for all students and is well known around the district for its innovative teaching practices.

Grade 8 Activities
Our Grade 8 students experience a variety of exciting activities throughout the year. In addition to club and team opportunities listed on the front of this brochure, students participate in: our annual grade 8 hike/bbq, Pod Championship League (basketball, volleyball, floor hockey), Grade 8’s Got Talent, and a number of field trips. Homework support is available f or students through our Homework Club.

Bring Your Own Device
All of our incoming grade 8 students are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet with them t o school next year. While they won’t be used every class, we know students will make use of technology regularly during their 5 years at GSS. Having access to your own device will ensure you can connect online whenever you need/want to. Students who are unable to provide their own device will be provided a device when required in class, but this device will not stay with the student. Again, it is recommended students bring their own device.